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When you visit Brisbane, you will find out that it’s a beautiful and modern city with stunning architecture and clean environment. Here is what you can do while visiting Brisbane.

Climb Brisbane’s Story Bridge
While doing this activity, you will have an amazing look on this beautiful city, whether you are doing it in the twilight, or at dawn, this whole place will just enchant you. You will have the opportunity to see Glasshouse Mountains up to the north and Gold Coast Hinterland up to the south. This walk will keep your adrenalin going, because you will be climbing 30 meter above the ground.

Walk through Brisbane’s South Bank Brisbane’s South Bank give you opportunity to walk and cycle around this area and in the same time experience the best of the city. This part of the city is famous by variety of activities from entertainment and recreation to leisure activities. South Bank has 17 hectares of parklands, cafes, bar, restaurants, galleries, museum and boutiques. Wheel of Brisbane will offer you great fun and enjoyment.

Experience the beauties of the Beach in the middle of Brisbane city
This man made lagoon is free for all visitors and for those who love good ride on a boat. This whole lagoon is surrounded with white sandOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and tropical plans, that will create a feeling like you are on some tropical paradise. Whether you relax with ice cream or you enjoy a good swim and soak on the sun, the famous Queensland sunshine will give you positive vibes and good enjoyment in your day. If you come with your family, you will have an opportunity to enjoy in nearby water – play park.

Enjoy in Brisbane’s cousin and its best restaurants
Esquire is Brisbane most renowned restaurant, his perfect location will give you view on Story Bridge and on the river farriers. You can choose to dine a la carte, or you can choose something from a special menu of the chef Rayan Squires. You can try one of best international wines here, such as: Gerard’s Bistro, Aria, Stokehouse, Public and The Foraging Quail.

Comprehend the Art at GoMA and the Queensland Art Gallery
GoMA is the Australian largest gallery of modern and contemporary art Queensland-Art-Gallery-48134and Queensland Art Gallery is one of the symbols of the Brisbane. The architecture of these two buildings is just fabulous and has to be experienced on the right way. These two galleries incorporate international and national art and Friday’s night are reserved for relaxing drinks with friends in GoMA’s stylish bar.


Enjoy the ride on Brisbane’s river Brisbane river can offer you spectacular view on the city through 90 – minutes ride on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Once you have finished with your ride, you can enjoy one of the famous Brisbane riverside meals.

Relax in Nightfall’s Wilderness Camp
You can spend the night in outstanding nature just 90 minutes south of Brisbane. Nightfall is an cool campsite spread on 275 acres, beside old rainforests.glamping-qld-nightfall-camp-luxury-tent

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Many people have fears and concerns when starting a business in a new and unknown location, but sometimes those fears are unfounded in reality and they are just a product of prejudice or similar concept. Some places are actually very open for investments and new ideas, and they accept investors as long as their business will be beneficial to the area and then they even welcome you like one of their own.

One such city is located on a place where Brisbane River meats the Pacific, and this capital of state of Queensland is a place known for its progressive nature and the fact that new business projects can be easily started in this environment. That city is Brisbane of course, and here are the reasons why this city is a true Mecca for investors in the Land Down Under.

When it comes to the overall country of Australia, it is widely known that this federation enjoys a large amount of foreign investments, which was recorded at $50 billion in 2013. This size of FDI (foreign direct investment) is a clear sign of how welcoming 1440835964959and accepting are the authorities when it comes for starting a project here, and they give full support for new business owners. Naturally, other factors are also at play here, such as stable political situation, constant economic growth and rise in population. All of those elements combined together make Australia a very desirable place to live and work, and recent research done by World Bank Group placed it on the seventh place of the easiest countries to start a business.

All of those numbers and characteristics apply to Brisbane as well, since this city is the perfect symbol of the rising power of Australia. Due to its perfect strategical position, Brisbane has evolved into a leader when it comes to Asia Pacific region, and in 2014 it hosted the G20 Leaders Summit, which is another confirmation of how important is the role of Brisbane in connecting Australia with Asia.

Airports and ports in Brisbane and nearby area are very busy because of this fact, and businessmen are constantly flying in and looking for bac1business opportunities in the vibrant and bustling Central Business District (CBD). This modern area is located in the very center of the city and it is full of skyscrapers and tall office buildings, and it reflects the progressive and thriving nature of Brisbane in the best possible way. The tallest building is called “Infinity”, and was opened in 2014 with the height of impressive 262m.

Brisbane City Council is the governing body for all business projects and they are very friendly and efficient, so it is very easy to start working in this exciting multicultural hub. With a population of 2.2 million, Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia but it still has very low unemployment rate, with only 4.9%! This shows how strong is the economy of this place and why it attracts so many investors and business people.1370980148197

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The city of Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia and the largest and capital city of Queensland, one of the Australian states. Thanks to its geographical position, this city is surrounded by mountains and lakes, and it is situated between the Coral Sea and the Brisbane River. Thanks to the subtropical climate, this city has hot or warm weather all year around, which gives the opportunity for many outdoor activities. The city has a lot of festivals all over the year and many fun activities for both tourists and the locals.

Because of all the activities mentioned above, the city of Brisbane is ideal for all photography lovers. The opportunity to be outside and take photos of all genres is what can attract every photographer to Brisbane and make him or her stay for a while.


Nature and wildlife photographers can have a handful of activities and motifs for photographing in Brisbane and its surroundings. The city itself has many parks where you can enjoy the nature and be isolated from the city crowd and noise. Near the city, there are national parks, lakes, wildlife parks, mountains and islands where you can enjoy the wildlife and reconnect with nature, while making a set of wonderful photos as well.

Since Brisbane is the third most populouswedding-photographer-brisbane1 city in Australian, it is no wonder that there are many events, festivals and rich nightlife. This is a real treat for event photographers, because they can either visit and photograph some of the many Brisbane festivals, or simply visit clubs and bars around the city and by the river and capture the atmosphere.

Due to the size and population of Brisbane, those who practice and enjoy urban photography will also have plenty to do. Crowded streets and wonderful cityscapes give you the opportunity to capture magnificent street or architectural photographs. Because of the cityscape and its lights, night photography with long exposures also gives marvelous results in the city of Brisbane.

As already mentioned, Brisbane is surrounded by many lakes; it is situated near the sea and on the Brisbane River. Because of so many water surfaces and the activities you can engage on the lakes and the river, underwater photographers will also find it a pleasure to visit this city.

locations_02Naturally, you can choose to organize the time yourself and visit everything you may find interesting for photographing. The city of Brisbane truly gives you many opportunities and a variety of choice. Still, there are organized photography meetups you can sign up for online, where you can meet other photographers, take photo walks with them and use the opportunity to visit some of the places you may not be able to discover or visit on your own. There are photo tours and photo workshops organized as well, where you can spend time and take photos with other photographers, but there is also an opportunity to take a crash course in photography while enjoying their company and the beauties of the city.Office-Locations---Brisbane

No matter how much you know about photography, what genre you prefer or whether you are a professional or an amateur, Brisbane will certainly give you the opportunity to enjoy and make dozens, if not hundreds, of spectacular photos.

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With subtropical climate, Brisbane has warm or hot weather over the entire year.­­ In summer, which lasts from December to February, weather is the hottest, with average temperatures around 30° C and high humidity.

Since the weather is warm all year, there is always plenty to do in Brisbane, and you can always plan some outdoor activities, whether in you own arrangement, or some of the organized activities offered around the city. Still, in this article we will concentrate on the activities you can do in summer, places you can visit and interesting ways of spending your time in this city.

  Explore the city parks – Brisbane has a lot of parks all around the city, and depending on your preferences, you can choose the one where you can spend a perfect summer day or at least a couple of hours. There are parks where you can enjoy and relax by the water, parks to take your kids to play on playgrounds, or those where you can exercise in a free outdoor gym. Some parks offer free barbeques, so you can organize a barbeque with friends, there are also wildlife parks that allow you to connect with wildlife, or those where you can enjoy with a more familiar animal – your dog. If you enjoy photographing, many Brisbane parks will be a treat for you.parks

Christmas shopping – since summer in Brisbane lasts from December to February, you can choose to go shopping if you are in Brisbane during summer. You could spend a day in Queen Street Mall and take advantage of holiday sales in many shops and boutiques.

Camping – if you wish to stay away from the city for a couple of days, the surroundings of Brisbane offer a wide choice of locations for camping, and summer is the ideal time for that. Lake Moogerah, Bribie Island or some of the national parks near Brisbane are ideal for camping and enjoying the nature.

Waterfalls and lakes – if you seek refreshment and a way to stay cool503defca4c0f6efe977a1d936fb02c9e during summer days in Brisbane, you can visit some of the waterfalls and lakes near the city, take a swim or simply enjoy the view. Lamington National Park and Scenic Rim are among several locations where you can find lakes and waterfalls to enjoy.

South Bank – South Bank is located on the southern banks of the Brisbane River and it offers a variety of activities for kids and adults. With parklands, various events and organized cruises, South Bank is a destination where you can enjoy all day.

DAguilar_GB_WideConnect with nature and wildlife – if you want to connect with wildlife and meet some of the wild animals, there are several wildlife parks and zoos in the city of Brisbane. Since Australia has animals which cannot be seen on any other continent, you should use the opportunity to visit places such as Daisy Hill Koala Centre, Ipswich Nature Centre or Australia Zoo, to name just a few.

Music festivals – lastly, if you are a fun seeker and you relate summer to music and concerts, keep in mind that many music festivals are held in Brisbane during summer months. Depending on your taste in music, you can visit A Day on the Green, Stereosonic, Woodford Folk Festival, Soundwave or St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

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