Best summer activities in Brisbane

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With subtropical climate, Brisbane has warm or hot weather over the entire year.­­ In summer, which lasts from December to February, weather is the hottest, with average temperatures around 30° C and high humidity.

Since the weather is warm all year, there is always plenty to do in Brisbane, and you can always plan some outdoor activities, whether in you own arrangement, or some of the organized activities offered around the city. Still, in this article we will concentrate on the activities you can do in summer, places you can visit and interesting ways of spending your time in this city.

  Explore the city parks – Brisbane has a lot of parks all around the city, and depending on your preferences, you can choose the one where you can spend a perfect summer day or at least a couple of hours. There are parks where you can enjoy and relax by the water, parks to take your kids to play on playgrounds, or those where you can exercise in a free outdoor gym. Some parks offer free barbeques, so you can organize a barbeque with friends, there are also wildlife parks that allow you to connect with wildlife, or those where you can enjoy with a more familiar animal – your dog. If you enjoy photographing, many Brisbane parks will be a treat for you.parks

Christmas shopping – since summer in Brisbane lasts from December to February, you can choose to go shopping if you are in Brisbane during summer. You could spend a day in Queen Street Mall and take advantage of holiday sales in many shops and boutiques.

Camping – if you wish to stay away from the city for a couple of days, the surroundings of Brisbane offer a wide choice of locations for camping, and summer is the ideal time for that. Lake Moogerah, Bribie Island or some of the national parks near Brisbane are ideal for camping and enjoying the nature.

Waterfalls and lakes – if you seek refreshment and a way to stay cool503defca4c0f6efe977a1d936fb02c9e during summer days in Brisbane, you can visit some of the waterfalls and lakes near the city, take a swim or simply enjoy the view. Lamington National Park and Scenic Rim are among several locations where you can find lakes and waterfalls to enjoy.

South Bank – South Bank is located on the southern banks of the Brisbane River and it offers a variety of activities for kids and adults. With parklands, various events and organized cruises, South Bank is a destination where you can enjoy all day.

DAguilar_GB_WideConnect with nature and wildlife – if you want to connect with wildlife and meet some of the wild animals, there are several wildlife parks and zoos in the city of Brisbane. Since Australia has animals which cannot be seen on any other continent, you should use the opportunity to visit places such as Daisy Hill Koala Centre, Ipswich Nature Centre or Australia Zoo, to name just a few.

Music festivals – lastly, if you are a fun seeker and you relate summer to music and concerts, keep in mind that many music festivals are held in Brisbane during summer months. Depending on your taste in music, you can visit A Day on the Green, Stereosonic, Woodford Folk Festival, Soundwave or St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

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