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Many people have fears and concerns when starting a business in a new and unknown location, but sometimes those fears are unfounded in reality and they are just a product of prejudice or similar concept. Some places are actually very open for investments and new ideas, and they accept investors as long as their business will be beneficial to the area and then they even welcome you like one of their own.

One such city is located on a place where Brisbane River meats the Pacific, and this capital of state of Queensland is a place known for its progressive nature and the fact that new business projects can be easily started in this environment. That city is Brisbane of course, and here are the reasons why this city is a true Mecca for investors in the Land Down Under.

When it comes to the overall country of Australia, it is widely known that this federation enjoys a large amount of foreign investments, which was recorded at $50 billion in 2013. This size of FDI (foreign direct investment) is a clear sign of how welcoming 1440835964959and accepting are the authorities when it comes for starting a project here, and they give full support for new business owners. Naturally, other factors are also at play here, such as stable political situation, constant economic growth and rise in population. All of those elements combined together make Australia a very desirable place to live and work, and recent research done by World Bank Group placed it on the seventh place of the easiest countries to start a business.

All of those numbers and characteristics apply to Brisbane as well, since this city is the perfect symbol of the rising power of Australia. Due to its perfect strategical position, Brisbane has evolved into a leader when it comes to Asia Pacific region, and in 2014 it hosted the G20 Leaders Summit, which is another confirmation of how important is the role of Brisbane in connecting Australia with Asia.

Airports and ports in Brisbane and nearby area are very busy because of this fact, and businessmen are constantly flying in and looking for bac1business opportunities in the vibrant and bustling Central Business District (CBD). This modern area is located in the very center of the city and it is full of skyscrapers and tall office buildings, and it reflects the progressive and thriving nature of Brisbane in the best possible way. The tallest building is called “Infinity”, and was opened in 2014 with the height of impressive 262m.

Brisbane City Council is the governing body for all business projects and they are very friendly and efficient, so it is very easy to start working in this exciting multicultural hub. With a population of 2.2 million, Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia but it still has very low unemployment rate, with only 4.9%! This shows how strong is the economy of this place and why it attracts so many investors and business people.1370980148197

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